Industrial refrigeration systems are a vital piece of equipment for many businesses and their facilities. At Service Equipment Company, our technicians are trained in maintaining and installing ammonia refrigeration systems. We have experience working on evaporative condensers, compressors, pressure vessels, process piping, chillers, control systems, and ammonia safety procedures. We are also qualified to work with the ultra low temperature equipment used for the low temperature manufacturing of metals, or extreme temperature environmental testing.

For most businesses, emergency industrial refrigeration repair services can’t wait. Downtime can be extremely costly in terms of lost inventory and implementing contingency plans for operations. We know this concept well and can assist when your system goes down any time, day or night. Our technicians are trained in the identification and solving of problems within any industrial refrigeration system design. They can restore precision temperature control to industrial freezers and walk-in cold storage rooms or warehouses, and repair leaks in Freon, ammonia and ultra-cold refrigeration units to get your business back up and running as quickly as possible.

Proper and precise adjustments are often required in the temperature-controlled storage of expensive chemicals or product inventories, and you can’t leave such a crucial consideration to guesswork or chance. Whenever temperature changes are needed for your industrial complex, contact the professionals to ensure a smooth transition!

Call us today at 412-766-6085 – whether you need ongoing maintenance, installation of new equipment, or the service and repair of existing industrial refrigeration systems, we can help.