At Service Equipment Company, we offer a variety of laboratory equipment repair services, a highly specialized field that is essential to the research, medical and scientific communities. We believe that properly functioning and reliable equipment is a cornerstone of productivity and efficiency in a laboratory environment.

Our technicians have an excellent understanding of the low and ultra-low temperature systems used to achieve low temperature baths or boxes for laboratory use, and the storage of pharmaceutical or biological samples. We can install, repair or develop ongoing maintenance protocols for ultra-low temperature freezers, incubators, cryostats, microtomes, shakers, centrifuges, autoclaves, warewashers, GEL imaging systems, thermocyclers, and other equipment commonly used in a laboratory setting.

And whenever temperature control systems are critical to your process, we can help you select and become familiar with an alarm/monitoring system to meet your laboratory’s requirements! We’re also available around the clock to assist in any unforeseen complications so your organization won’t be slowed down by any equipment issues.

Call us today at 412-766-6085 for expert laboratory equipment repair, or the ongoing maintenance of refrigeration systems and equipment in any scientific or medical laboratory setting.